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The digital landscape is evolving, and so are its threats. Mwave understands the unique challenges businesses face, providing Bitdefender's comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions. Bitdefender Business Solutions  delivers best-in-class threat prevention, detection, and response solutions to more than 40,000 businesses, government entities, and non-profit organizations in industries worldwide. Our unified endpoint security and analytics platform and managed services help organizations become more cyber resilient across any environment – client, server, on-premises, cloud or hybrid 

Comprehensive Protection Tailored for Your Business

Mwave has partnered with Bitdefender - one of the global leaders in cybersecurity to provide you with best of breed unified protection against most advanced targeted attacks and ransomware. 

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Bitdefender is considered a leader in various Forrester Wave(TM) cybersecurity reports and a Gartner Visionary in the Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection. 

Mwave and Bitdefender
Global Leaders in Cybersecurity!

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Hardening and Risk Analytics


eXtended Detection and Response

Analyze Risks: understand the cybersecurity risks associated with endpoint configuration and user actions.

Visualize Security Posture: get insights into identified risks and the prioritized list of items that expose the organization.

Apply Hardening: reduce the attack surface and the associated risk exposure.

Effective Protection: over 99% of all threats are stopped by prevention technologies.

Attack Visualization: full visibility and insights into the blocked attacks kill chain

Reduced complexity - through fully automatic and highly accurate technologies.

Extended Detection: enhanced threat detection and visibility that enables the strengths of XDR for protecting endpoints.

Focused investigation: threat visualizations at the organizational level for focused investigations and faster root cause analysis.

Effective Response: automatic and guided incident response for fast containment of the attack.

Why Mwave Recommends Bitdefender for Businesses

Mwave is committed to empowering businesses with Bitdefender's world-class cybersecurity solutions. Our partnership ensures you receive tailored advice, competitive Bitdefender pricing and comprehensive support, making cybersecurity a seamless aspect of your business operations.

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Unified Platform Securing the Entire Organisation
Consolidate more business security solutions using one platform and agent. Streamline security operations and improve efficiency.
Reduce the number of security vendors and costs.

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Choose Mwave for Bitdefender's cybersecurity solutions and join the ranks of protected businesses in Australia.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR + SOC)
Attackers work around the clock. And so do we. Bitdefender MDR service provides 24x7 defense against cyber threats and delivers the people, process, and technologies to completely address your security needs and outcomes.

Simplify Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response
Automate investigations and get a real-time picture of the full attack scope. Empower teams of any size and experience level to rapidly understand and respond to incidents. Get immediate value with no custom integrations or detections needed.

Explore our Bitdefender business offerings, learn about Bitdefender features and take the first step towards becoming a more cyber-resilient business.

For detailed information on how Bitdefender can protect your business, including Bitdefender installation, antivirus comparisons, Bitdefender reviews and Bitdefender for business pricing, contact Mwave today.

GravityZone Business Security Enterprise

Combines the world’s most effective Protection with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities to help defend your endpoint infrastructure (workstations, servers or containers) throughout the threat lifecycle, with high efficacy and efficiency.

GravityZone Business Security Premium

Safeguards your organization from cyberattacks including Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and ransomware with more than 30 layers of machine-learning-driven security technologies. 

GravityZone Business Security

A resource-efficient security solution providing high performance and protection while delivering centralized management, easy deployment, and the freedom to choose between a cloud or an on-premises hosted management console.